A Certain Magical Index 3 #06 — “No, I’M THE DARKNESSEST!”

Girls, you’re both pretty.

If you’re wondering about Senran Kagura, the tournament ended up being yet more goofy games. The first round was dodgeball. The second was capture the flag. Both, of course, included special explosives/water that melts clothing. I think we can just… move away in peace.


Yeah, uh, I have basically no idea about goddamned anything in this arc. What ever happened to the Aztec throwndown thing? Are we just dropping that? I guess so because it sure seems like the arc is over. Hell if I could tell you literally anything of what was accomplished or what characters were supposed to have an arc or what they supposedly accomplished. I can say for certain that Dude 1 is totally useless because literally every single character, friend or foe, kept repeating it. That was I’d wager 90% of the dialogue, just repeating how useless he was. Then he was just “Yeah, well, I’ll punch you,” and that was that. I couldn’t even tell you what that random flashback he had about Touma telling him to Believe In Himself and Do His Best®. Maybe it was Railgun. Let’s just assume it was a fever dream and move on.

And yet, it compares favorably to the godawful dialogue that would comprise Dude 2 and Dude 3’s side of the episode, also known as Accelerator and, uh… Dude 3. Their dialogue was multi-faceted. First, they spent about five minutes talking about how Dude 3’s special power was that Accelerator’s power doesn’t have power to power it. So Accelerator then explained back that as soon as he figured out how to power on it, he would be able to power power it. Note that all they did while doing so was fly around and shoot beams at each other. Eventually, they got tired of that and the conversation instead turned to which of them was the Baddest Dude. “I’m the evilest!” “No, I’m the antihero evilest!” “I just stabbed someone!” “You stabbed lots of people!” “RRARRRRRRRGH!” And then the power of friendship overcomes the literal darkness spewing out of his dark darkness and hugs for everybody. The end.

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