SSSS Gridman #05 — The Pre-Beach Beach Episode

Rest assured, I’m certain there will be another swimsuit episode.

You know how either this or Spyce has had a delayed broadcast every week so far? Well, this week, both have a delayed broadcast due to baseball. At least one of the alternate broadcasts of this popped up on the lesser streaming sites not entirely super delayed. Spyce will probably be… a while though.


The holding pattern continues. Have to slowly work our way through all the new accessories they splurted out at once, after all. Which means another episode of Yuuta waffling around about how he likes Rikka, another episode of Akane plumbing them for attention/information, and another episode of some slightly different transformation to immediately obliterate the enemy of the week. Supposedly, the crisis is because they’re so far away from the home computer, so running straight into danger is bad. Except that the rest just up and bring the computer (with generator) over.

Meanwhile, I’m mostly just counting the weeks until they reveal whatever Yuuta’s existential crisis is going to be, because lord knows they’re doing jack squat to get any closer to hunting down Akane or stopping her from her murder sprees. I’m going to bet on some kind of similar creation to Anti by Rikka to be her friend/boyfriend/protector/replacement for one of those, but that’s almost certainly giving the show too much credit. And yeah, speculating on things with no basis in the show is more interesting than an episode that spent half of it on boob shots and rubbing oil on teenagers.

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