Our Maid is Too Annoying #03 — A Modest Proposal

Given the size of those cages, the hamsters should’ve eaten each other a long time ago.


I don’t have much else to say about this, but I already sorted out the screencaps, so might as well post them. This was pretty much the same as the last few, except with a lot more emotional music showing the depth of the emotional emotion the characters have for… god only knows what. You could’ve done a whole bit on the hamster cannibalism initiative, or at least made some jokes rather than putting up an image of one gnawing on its young, but that was entirely consumed in her ‘moment of triumph.’ Over what? Her insecurity. But luckily, she tried her hardest, faced no real challenge, and then succeeded. Cue sappy music and explosion of pastel colors to wring out some feeeeeeelings.

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