Boarding School Juliet #03 — Extorting the Peasantry

I guess Index wins by practically default. Ew.


This hasn’t gotten any less tiresome. The new girl blackmails him, everyone around them is an imbecile and spends the entire episode going “WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE GOING ON!?” and then it’s resolved by pure chance when he accidentally stumbles into the revelation that she likes her, but in that Japanese girl way where maybe it’s like like maybe not, but knowing is the entire thing, so that’s that. The end. Nobody’s learned anything or done anything except annoy me for another twenty minutes. Instead, I’ll spend the next paragraph on my first impressions of Eushully’s new game. There’ll probably be a more thorough post next week.

I played the trial for about an hour and impressions are mixed. The overworld/dungeon feels much cleaner, but the battle interface is a cluttered disaster and the engine is pretty bizarre. It’s like someone had the idea “What if literally everything in the surrounding area was a member of the party? That crate, some rocks, the rain, grass, the rain but in a slightly different way.” “Oh, and we’ll have the inanimate objects use the Brave-Default system.” “But not the actual characters?” “No, of course not.” “But we’ll have every in-battle menu choice completely obscure the screen so you can’t see what you’re doing, right?” “Of course!” “Also, we’ll do sprite animations, but not for battle. Just throw up some generic art obscuring the entire screen for that.” “Also, random battles shouldn’t just have a random number of enemies, but be a random number of rounds!” I ambushed the first spider in a cave and now I’m trapped in a five minute battle against a dozen spiders and five orcs, mostly spent selecting Default Stock on some stones I guess I picked up off the ground. Great.

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