A Certain Magical Index 3 #02 — Drawly Coffee

The most interesting part of the episode.


Another pretty miserable episode of about 19 straight minutes of wandering around, talking about how there’s a conspiracy of people doing something somewhere, and maybe we’ll get to that someday, but for now, here’s some boobs courtesy of the girl previously known as Towel Girl and yet another girl blushing, stammering, and showing off her underwear to Touma. They’re going to go to a cafe to discuss geography. And then hide around corners to discuss the geopolitical situation. And then they need to do a magic thing for some ill-defined reason that, surprise and shock, also involves her underwear, blushing, and stammering.

The only reason at all I’m going to give next week’s episode a glance is that the last approximate 90 seconds did have an actual fight in it. A not-particularly good one, and in absolutely no way worth the payoff of the… 40 goddamned minutes of absolute goddamned nothing that came before it, but it is something that they could build off of. I don’t have high hopes that they will, but it’s not like Fridays are rife with fierce competition either.

Next Episode:

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