Our Maid is Too Annoying #01 — Ab Fetish

Easy to tell what the creator’s preferences are.

Breaktime again! When we return, the last of the new Friday shows for the week; sexual harrasment as a romcom, a harem romcom, and the standard PA Works teenage melodrama. What fun.


Boy, Dogakobo seems to have put all their animators on this one. Not really sure why they needed to overanimate things like… *checks notes* running down a hallway or scrubbing underwear… but if you’re looking for random moments that have entirely too much animation budget put into them, this is the show for you! The music probably deserves some note too, not just for volume but for omnipresently blasting away like a damn carnival. Less is more.

It is closer to an actual comedy than that vampire affair, but I hesitate to say how much. I think the closest it came to a genuine chuckle was towards the end of the first segment when the dad actually followed through and they had a sushi bar set up in the living room. Maybe because it was understated next to the screaming going on in the foreground. The extra energy does help sell the weirdness, but it teases being a more kind of Tom and Jerry affair with making bombs and attempted murder only to shy away from that to its favored gag, the main character declaring “I love little girls.” That naga show last season did try that, but on the other hand, most of it was anything but that. Still, I can’t help but think that more back and forth adversarial things between them and fewer conversations about how great girls are before they have their periods would probably improve matters.

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