Ms. Vampire in the Neighborhood #01 — The Unoriginals

Was there even a diary in the Vampire Diaries?

I had this as a Saturday show in the preview. AT-X made a fool of me. Curse you, AT-X. Short break after this in today’s marathon anime run. When we return, sumo, Index, and even more lesbians.


And here we have a more unabashed lesbian-focused affair, merely the second of three for the day until Senran Kagura adds a fourth next week, but it’s about as adept at comedy as the previous show was at drama. Weirdly, it has a pretty similar OST though, all soothing, romantic, inoffensive music, the auditory version of being dosed to the gills on sedatives while middle aged Japanese women trying to sound like teenagers chirp for attention like needy baby birds.

Anyway, “I’m a vampire, not anybody suspicious.” “That is suspicious.” That’s what passes for a joke around these parts. And don’t expect any kind of even episodic story to drive things either. The closest thing this had in terms of that was the obnoxious one wanted to live with the vampire, so she puttered around the house getting underfoot… which is what she was doing to start with. It’s insubstantial. It’s white noise. It’s vapid nothingness that fills twenty minutes, probably best taken with alcohol or sedatives.

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