Bloom Into You #01 — In Denial

When will I find the feeling that I just had five times yesterday?


They’re really not trying very hard to sell the premise of “angsty girl who thinks love is like being struck by lightning at first sight and will never know that feeling.” By three damn minutes into the episode, she’s gasping in awe at the person framed by sunlight and blowing wind. Then they immediately go from that to her gushing at length about it and her friends going “You totes have a crush on them.” But wait, they say, it’s a girl! A girl CAN’T have a crush on a girl. Resolving that conflict to get to “Wait, maybe two girls can have a crush on each other” is what would consume the rest of the episode.

I would say chalk it up to cultural differences, but there’s no shortage of lesbian romance stuff going back decades, so I think instead I’m just going to go with bad writing. Someone wanted to throw together melodramatic teenagers and lesbian romance and to hell with consistency or making any sense. Marveling at that dumbness is also probably the only real thing it has going for it since the rest of the episode is incredibly dull. Inoffensive enough, I suppose, but it’s just romance music over two teenagers oscillating between corny bloomy shots as they stare longingly at each other, and lamenting that they’ll never have corny bloomy shots of staring at someone else.

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