A Certain Magical Index III #01 — Persisting in Existing

And not much else.


I was a little optimistic when it began with a quick rundown/recap of the series. It made me briefly hopeful that they wouldn’t be spending the entire episode doing a rundown/recap of the series. Alas, that hope was quickly dashed against the wall like so much spaghetti hurled at a refrigerator. About 90% of the episode is a tour of the expansive cast of the series, made even more baffling by the cliffhanger being that Touma is bodily dragged off and dropped out of a plane to go solve some issue in a far off location. What would we have missed had we just started from there? Oh, right, the series of teenagers flashing their underwear at him.

It would have been a boring, terrible episode even when the series was at the height of its popularity, and the promo for next week has like three closeups of cleavage and boobs shoved into Touma’s face, so it’s not advertising an upward trend either. At best, you might say that this episode was undecided between wanting to recap and wanting to reintroduce the characters, so it decided to do both and relegate introduce anything new or relevant for future episodes. Those priorities are completely opposite what they should be, unless, of course, the whole point is to reassure the audience of the status quo and make sure everyone’s preferred girl shows up on screen for their thirty seconds. Not to be part of any ongoing events or the story, just to note that they exist and haven’t been forgotten. Such ambition. What a story. Great goddamned work, JC Staff.

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