The Space Between Sea and Sky #01 — Writing by Marketing

I hate this entire cast already.


I was pretty sick of this episode by five minutes in. The main character is the obnoxious flavor of hyper imbecile, constantly screaming and bumbling around. We’re probably supposed to be charmed by her earnestness, but it’s hard to get behind a thoughtless, inconsiderate idiot half-assing everything and screaming her head off the entire time. And then it started going on about how you needed to download an app to your phone so you could play the gacha. And yet, that was almost a relief after its bit about how girls can’t fish. No particular reason for it. Just apparently this trillion dollar space industry runs on the backs of fewer than ten teenagers, all of whom have deep seated issues with the other sex.

I think the weirdest part though was that it ended with them completely failing at absolutely everything in every way. Obviously, it knew that it was supposed to end on a “I’m gonna be the best” note, because that’s what it literally did, but there was no sign that the girls’ team, every single one of them, was anything but complete screwups in every single way with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It’s not an inspiring way to begin or a way to endear these characters to the audience. I simply don’t understand what they were trying to do in any part except the obnoxious gacha marketing. That got across loud and clear.

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