July 2017 Anime Roundup

IMG_0590My standards for a good season have changed over time. Only 4 new shows I felt compelled to stick with? Wow, I’m really enjoying this season wowie! I guess in the past I was a more obsessive fan and stuck with more stuff I held out hope on maybe getting really good at some point. Either way, I’m enjoying this new season quite a bit despite not actually watching that much. More excuse to go back and watch recent OVAs.

Compulsive Gambler

IMG_0591This show is very silly. I enjoy it because I like watching pretty anime ladies pulling extreme deformed faces while yelling GYAMBARUUUU but I’m not going to pretend its particularly deep or clever. Still though, I have in my later years found myself enjoying a certain amount of trash if it dives face first into it and plays it almost seriously so the joke is inherent in how silly it is instead of trying to point it out. It’s what made Keijo and Prison School work for me, and it’s why I’m enjoying Compulsive Gambler a lot.

My Hero Academia

IMG_0588I must have hit a threshold with My Hero Academia in the last arc where I now fundamentally care about the cast. In the past I largely only cared about All Might’s story and everything else was an amusing aside, but after that competition arc I care about the outcome of most of the major and even minor characters. Yeah sure I still have my issues. Sometimes I feel the extreme evil villains feel out of place in such a happy-go-lucky action show but the man with the permanent facepalm is creepy enough to work by himself. I also feel like the show still doesn’t treat female characters particularly well. But now I care so much more about people like Icy Boy and Thunder Legs that I could probably watch this show forever.

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

IMG_0593It’s happened again. Rage of Bahamut got too serious and too wound up in the larger world with angels and other bullshit it forgot what made the series good. It took a fun adventure fantasy anime and have diligently went about ruining it. It’s depressing because it’s the exact same thing that happened last season, and as with last season it’s so maddening because I still love the cast. Nina, Favaro, Kaiser, Rita, they’re all fantastic and I just want the show to do right by them. I primarily blame the angels for all of this. Bloody boring bunch with their no fun zone and ever present bloom and absolutely gigantic tits.

Made in Abyss

IMG_0587I am in love with how well directed and constructed this show is. How they have built up these vague ideas of what exists in the Abyss through tales and drawings, like they are all creatures of myth we shall soon all get to meet the terrifying truth of. I’m desperate to see how the character’s world changes when they descend further into the Abyss and how they deal with all these concepts that have only been brought up in vague conversation. This has all been setup for now though. How they execute on this travel down the Abyss is where we’ll see whether this is a classic in the making. Given the reports from the manga readers, I’ll remain cautious, but I gather they’ve already made some changes from the manga which seems like its worked for the better so far.

Welcome to the Ballroom

IMG_0589I’m not enjoying this as much as I thought I would, which might be entirely my own fault. I like the main character and his reasoning for getting into dancing makes him endearing in a way that I want him to succeed. I like the new characters and how they’ve changed the dynamics of the group. It’s just for a show where the human body is so central to selling the story, it’s their…necks. Their damn necks are too long and I can’t pretend it isn’t bothering me anymore. It’s like their neck grew three sizes overnight and then took over their entire head and now they have no head just a giant neck with facial features tacked on and hair placed on the top and it bothers me so much argh.

Princess Principal

IMG_0592This has ended up being a throughly enjoyable steampunk spy romp that apart from some minor quibbles I’ve had a lot of fun with so far. The story, while sometimes a little tough to follow, is just engaging enough to keep me invested throughout the spy chase sequences. The characters, with the exception of the moeblob irritant who is maybe the most annoying character ever in the history of anything, have enough depth that I care about what they’re doing. The writing is generally strong enough and doesn’t take itself too seriously that I can enjoy the goofy fun without scoffing at the show. I enjoy that one character’s entire spy power appears to be her ability to seduce hapless guards, particularly her almost workmanlike approach of “welp, time to get to work” and diligently pulls her dress down to reveal more cleavage. It’s a generally entertaining show I would say is well worth picking up.